The BEST band ever!!! They Have Awesome Music!!!!!!! If you don't like them okay whatever, your loss but if you diss them, get ready for me to bash your face in =) They are also the most sweetest four guys you will ever meet, they don't even do this for the money, they do it to make us happy, you can't not love them =D

Here are their albums:
The All-American Rejects (2003)
Move Along (2005)

There are four band members :
Tyson Ritter -- Lead Singer, Bassist
Nick Wheeler -- Lead Guitarist, Background Vocals, Programming, Hottie =D <3
Mike Kennerty -- Guitarist, Background Vocals
Chris Gaylor -- Drums

If you don't listen to them i suggest you do, they are beyond amazing!
The All-American Rejects ROCK!!!!
by XxSaraxX March 14, 2006
The All-American Rejects are the sweetest, most tightest band ever! And Tyson Ritter is the HOTTTTEST, HOTTTEST, did i mention he was hot? man alive!
I can't go a day without listening to at least one song by the All-American Rejects!
by Susan December 23, 2003
The best thing to happen to American music since Aerosmith. They have kickass songs like Move Along, Stab My Back, Swing Swing and Gives You Hell. And no, they do NOT sound like the Jonas Brothers.
Dude 1: Hey dude sucks becuz they say 'All Americans are Rejects'.
Dude 2: Go shove some Jonas Brothers up your ass. The all american rejects kick ass.
by bobbitylando October 19, 2008
a good band that has lost some of their luster. their members are tyson ritter, bass and vocals, nick wheeler, guitar and vocals, mike kennerty, guitar and vocals, chris gaylor, drums. they started out with their first album "the all american rejects" which was a great album. their sophmore album "move along" was also a classic. their third album, though still good, was a bit of a letdown. their other two are only remembered by long time fans, and now every 13 year old girl in the country is putting proclaming "OMG!!!! WHEN YOU SEE MY FACE I HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL"
you will also find that on their myspace and facebook status updates.
do yourself a favor and check out their first two albums to get to know the real rejects. check out their songs like why worry, happy endings, don't leave me, dance inside, straight jacket feeling, change your mind, and time stands still.
13 year old girl: "i hope this gives you hell! omg!!"

true all american rejects fan: "you poser, you don't even know the all american reject's true style. go check out their songs like move along, why worry, don't leave me, and dance inside"

13 year old girl: "what is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

true all american rejects fan: "go listen to lady gaga you poser."

a good man: dude, the all american rejects are a good band
by i dunno what to put as my name April 07, 2009
One of the best bands EVER!!! comprised of the four most beautiful and talented people to ever grace the face of this planet which would be doomed had these 4 men never got together to form the all-american rejects whom i would NEVER reject!
I love the All-American Rejects with my entire being!!!! =o) WOOOOOOO!!!!! The All-American Rejects rox my sox!!! HAHAHA
by Shannon aka flafoogie August 21, 2003
the best band ever!! w/ the lead singer TYSON RITTER~!! ahhh hes so damn fine!
"I was listening to the all-american rejects today, and yesterday, and the day before.. and before... and..bbeefore.."
by Pookster August 01, 2003
the best band EVER! yes they are all hot but their music is SO AWESOME too. the cigarette song is great. they kick ass. nick wheeler WOW! *sigh* if you don't like them. well then you can just go fall in a hole! 'cause they're awsome. and if your a boy it's because your jelous you don't look like them ;)
they are my all-american rejects
by theXcigaretteXsong March 20, 2004

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