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The YouTube jungle. A desolate zone littered with video uploads generally taken down within two weeks due to strange and/or NSFW content. The users have unintelligible names and post videos that make no sense.
bob: So I was watching anime on YouTube and somehow found this girl wearing a skunk mask and ripping farts on a dude's face.
joe: oh shit, you were on the weird part of YouTube again.
by HarryAscholl November 24, 2015
The weird part of YouTube is typically an area full of video irrelevant to what you were originally watching. These videos would normally go untouched, but become popular when a significant amount of people follow of a chain of "related videos" into said area of YouTube. These videos usually have misleading titles and thumbnails, or are just plain... weird.

Since most people become confused when they somehow cross into the weird part of YouTube, they share the experience by commenting about it, usually to find that a great many of YouTubers have also reached this conclusion
"I was watching a video about Gary Coleman and 5 'related videos' later I got stuck in the weird part of Youtube."

"Somebody help me! I've been stuck in the weird part of Youtube for 5 days! I'm surrounded by deformed babies and old people!"

"Somehow I stumbled into the weird part of Youtube and I've never wanted to punch something so badly."
by Shyfty Semantics November 08, 2011
The section of Youtube that consists of the odd videos that are submitted. Normally reached by consistently clicking on "Suggestions" or "Recommended Videos."
How did I end up in the weird part of Youtube?
by BooglyBoo May 02, 2012
Normally reached by endlessly clicking on recommended videos, the Weird Part of YouTube can also be reached in the vice-versa sense, as in once you're there, you can also endlessly click of recommended videos to get out. See paradoxical loop.
After more than three hours of watching recommended videos, Randy Marsh had finally reached his ultimate goal: the Weird Part of YouTube.

Cue the Internet Shortage episode of South Park.
by WildfireMax_RBX August 26, 2015
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