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Something my browser is getting too often now. This may occur when you are not connected to the Internet, the page no longer exists or your ISP is a bitch.
My ADSL is fucking up.
by Bastardized Bottomburp November 12, 2003
A Windows error message displayed in Internet Explorer if there is a problem loading the requested web page; ie the connection was lost or the page does not exist.
If my computer says "The page cannot be displayed" one more friggin time I'm going to throw its little friend the printer out the window!
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
Something that comes up on your internet browser when either your Internet Service Provider is being a Twat, You aren't connected to the internet, or if the web page really isn't there any more.
Something that keeps coming up on my computer. It annoys me so much that I nearly once smashed my moniter up
by Glittery Goddess May 09, 2004
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