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This curse only takes action upon those who commit the following who also happen to be emo: The act of any female lactating(secreting milk from the mammary glands) while undergoing any of the following terms: alaskan fire dragon, peter peter blumpkin eater, Manhattan Transfer, or anything including Tabasco, a car battery, a bluetooth earpiece(with frosting), and/or an olive. If all of the above terms happen while she is lactating tickle her feet call her Rosie O' Donnell and then play tetris with a Turkish monkey's cousin. This will thus break the curse of The crowley. However if all of these acts occur during one sunday morning on Feb. 29th without lube kill yourself and all of those who participated. For if this is not done it will bring upon death and horrible destruction to everyone by the hands of Toast..ruler of the underworld.
wow....I heard about this girl who actually killed herself after committing a The crowley on Feb. 29th in 2008.
HOLY CRAP YO! You can see the future?!?
When you're shit turns green due to untreated VD
1. Yo Katie I just shat a Crowley

2. Man! you're full of the Crowley's
by Mizzle Frizzle March 17, 2005
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