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A specific cocktail made of Sailor Jerry's rum and Dr. Pepper. This elusive drink can rarely be found in bars, adding to its mystery and power.

Those who have drank The Trick have found true happiness, wisdom and truth.

The Trick should always be talked about in hushed tones and with shifty eyes
Uhm.. I've heard. Quote, Unquote. Rum.. with Dr. Pepper. Sailor Jerry's specifically. It uh.. does The Trick.
#sailor jerry's and dr. pepper #trick #best drink ever #does the trick #doing the trick
by arrow.69 August 24, 2010
When a guy flaps his balls up and down between his legs, followed by him catching them on the underside of his legs.
"Do the Trick Joe!"
#balls #trick #joe #funny #fun
by BrandonC1 December 14, 2008
Usually done by an extremely strange male. The reaching of the hand through the jacket so as not to be seen, and poking a finger out through the fly. The person then grabs other male friends with, making them jump and look at him in disgust.
Cameron walked up behind Wade and did The Trick, causing Wade to jump at least a mile in the air and look upon his friend as needing psychotherapy.
#trick #surprise #weird #grabbing #finger
by thrashwolf666 November 20, 2010
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