The simple rules that all women should follow in an ideal relationship. The B's all stand for descriptors that every woman should be.

1. Be Pretty

2. Be Naked

3. Be Quiet
Husband or Boyfriend: "Damn it woman! Know the Three B's!!"

Husband or Boyfriend: "when I come home, I don't want anything except for you to obey the Three B's!"
by Three B January 27, 2009
Top Definition
Boobs, Butt, and Bush
The chick in that movie showed the Three Bs.
by DatBalla511 June 08, 2012
Everything required for a happy existance: Booze, Babes, and Bud.
I got The Three B's, so life is good!
by pinkfloydfan February 10, 2008
The three things a man needs to feel better when he's sick. Beer, blowjob, and bed.
Sherlock had a cold, so John gave him the Three B's.
by Donna Noble Has Been Saved February 16, 2013
beer, bud and bitches (in no particular order)
Before going to the beach, joel and chris made sure they had checked off the three b's. Chris had a 12 pk of sam adams summer ale, joel had a phat sac of skunk, and since they are two fine looking italian bros they shouldn't have a problem pulling the bitches.
by CVesh July 18, 2006
brewskis, babes, and bucks
all you need to stay happy
by PlayDohMan May 11, 2004
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