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John Carpenter's 1982 remake of the 1950's classic.
Set in the winter of 1982 at a research station in Antarctica where a 12-man team finds an alien being thats been frozen in the ice for over 100,000 years. Unfrozen, the creature unleashed havoc and terror as it changes into the form of whatever being it consumes, allowing it to get, undetected into the presence of it's next victim.
Great film
Great film
by Winnie The Shit November 13, 2003
What happens when a character in a movie or tv show says the title of that movie/tv show in it. Also known as a Title Drop.
Doc Brown (on TV): "We're sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE!"
Me: "Yo dude they did the thing!"
by Rice Menshorts November 03, 2013
The thing is where you send a person a message with the face: .-.

and then they reply with the face: ._.

and that's the thing
You: okay .-.

Joshua: okay ._.

You: you did the thing!
by emilytherandomcat November 23, 2013
Engaging in sexual relations without performing intercourse. Defined by the character Arlene in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" segment of the 2007 movie "Grindhouse." Also known as 'everything but.'
I forgot the condoms, so we had to settle for doing the thing. For a minute I thought I was back in high school.
by Delicious Josh November 28, 2007
Kyle Ashleys mild word for cunt .... hes too much of a "pussy" to say the word.
i wanna touch "the thihng" but 8i dont know how to say it.
by Kyle Ashley May 16, 2003
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