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Winter Springs, Florida. Central Florida suburb filled with dudebros, jocks, nerds, and sluts. Marijuana is highly prevalent in this area.
"Yo lets just chill in the sprangs tonight and hit up that keg"
#springs #winter springs #407 #tuskawilla area #oviedo
by sprangscuh June 26, 2006
Winter Springs, Florida. Any place with the postal code 32708.

A mecca where the middle class of central Florida comes to have their kids and "settle down". 90% of these kids become stoner wastes.
Yo dog, I am in the Sprangs, let's go score some dank from E-Dub
by Zeebs February 21, 2005
Also known as Sand Springs, Ok. 74063. a small podunk town west of tulsa, ok.. to the hick like residents it is known as "The Sprangs"/"The Springs". The townspeople also call themselves "Sandites". no one knows quite what that means though.
Hey yall, lets go down to the sprangs and catch ourselves some bass
#the sprangs #the springs #spangs #springs #sandites
by silentfox0 December 13, 2005
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