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Someone who has the tendency to act like a turtle, especially in public. They are particularly noted for their ability to take many items and treat it as their shell.

The name is a new pronunciation of joining the words "the" and "spine" together. It is meant sarcastically, as the vast majority of turtle species do not have a spine
Why is that person trying to retract into that blanket? She is such a thespine.
by Son of the Mobiesnarqour February 03, 2010
The latest album for They Might Be Giants, which features the following tracks:

1. Experimental Film
2. Spine
3. Memo to Human Resources
4. Wearing a Raincoat
5. Prevenge
6. Thunderbird
7. Bastard Wants to Hit Me
8. The World Before Later On
9. Museum of Idiots
10. It's Kickin' In
11. Spines
12. Au Contraire
13. Damn Good Times
14. Broke in Two
15. Stalk of Wheat
16. I Can't Hide from My Mind
d00d!!!! i jsut went to worst buy and bought "The Spine"! its 1337!!!!!11111!!!!11
by Sam July 13, 2004

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