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Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is the second-largest city of the three primary cities in the Upstate region of South Carolina. Spartanburg is located 98 miles (158 km) northwest of Columbia, 80 miles (130 km) west of Charlotte, and about 190 miles (300 km) northeast of Atlanta. Spartanburg's population was 39,673 at the 2000 census. Spartanburg is a college town, with six institutions of higher learning:The University of South Carolina Upstate (formerly known as University of South Carolina Spartanburg, or USCS). Converse College - Founded in 1889, Converse is a comprehensive masters institution with a co-ed graduate school and an undergraduate women's liberal arts college. Spartanburg Methodist College - The only 2-year, private, residential college in the state. Spartanburg Community College. Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic - South Carolina's only chiropractic college. Wofford College - Founded in 1854, Wofford is a Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts college with an enrollment of approximately 1,450 students.
by SCisthebeststate December 05, 2010
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