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the smashing narwhal is a globally practiced sexual activity popular among all sexual orientations and is said to be the most plesurable action any man woman or child could experience.

it can be breifly defined below.
The 68 for him and her either sideways or rightside up mixed with the 69 (everted or inverted), bringing us to the acrobat amazon mix (reverse or regular), arching her on the armchair with the reverse asain cowgirl attenhut ballerina bassethound ben-dover which forces a bended knee bent spoon bodyguard combo resulting in a finish of a bridged brute bulldog bumbercar butterfly cowboy cradle cross dancer deck chair deep impact stick making a delight doggystyle postion appearing to be a stange mix of a downstroke drill drivethru earmuff, causing the ffeling of an eve's ecstacy frog leap which makes a f*ck face fusion head to toe twist that may or may not lead to a reptetive style of various intersextion jackhammer jellyfishes containing jockeys, lap dances, and leggliders, not to mention licking the flagpole as its known which may give the vibe of one preforming a mastered lotus missionary peepshow some doctors have advised as theraputic oral activities, such as the pie in the sky piledriver or the pirates bounty prisongaurd pump,
OR the lesser known mix of rear entry rodeo while riding the face and scarfing during a scissor screw seesaw sideriding side to side sitting bull sockety spread eagle stand and carry. Physicians do not advise you follow this up with a suplex teaspoon throat swab turtle twister victory wheelbarrow.
B: did you hear? Mark gave Jenny The Smashing Narwhal at lunch the other day, and nobody saw it.

G: Wow.
by Salty Mike April 10, 2009
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