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A person that emits a shug like vibe and often looks like, but is not limited to: Hobbits, Ewoks, Wookies, Furbies, and any other hairy, short and chubby mystical creature. "The Shug" also has an abnormally large head, often in excess of 13in, with a nose angle of at least 60 degrees. A Shug's favorite activities include: tossing salads, asking ridiculously stupid questions, and celebrating Channukah.

He often is in a very "Shug-y" mood, so approach with caution. You might be met with a firm flipping of the bird.
"You have a real The Shug vibe today, stop being such a buzzkill" "Stop asking stupid questions The Shug" "Why did you just toss someone's salad, The Shug?"
by Ronald Gardner October 13, 2011
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