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The Point system is, as stated, a system of points earned based on sexual activities performed in areas other than either participants bedroom. It generally takes the form of friendly competition between bored, promiscuous friends.
2nd base= 1 points
3rd base= 2 points
4th base= 5 points

additional rules:
any actions that lead to other actions (e.g. hand action leading to sex) points are awarded for the highest earning activity only.
however, if additional activities are added after this, these points are counted as well.

extra points:
one extra point is awarded for the following
-if the participants are not a couple
- if there are other people in the room
- if 2 activities are done at the same time (e.g. 69ing is 5 points instead of 4)
-in the case of sex, 2 extra points are awarded instead of one. i.e. sex with someone else in the room earns 7 points etc.
"aw man, fingered this chick in my brothers room while he was in there. we got 3 points."
"hey man, how many points you get last night?"
"Dude, you're winning The Point System "
by McGarfield August 31, 2008
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