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Mid to late 1970s necklace made of small round white shells.
Worn by surfers, it caught on and was a big fad. Worn usually snug around the neck; they were a status symbol until about 1980; they came back in style for a short time many years later.
Zimmerman: I'm gonna break that Puka Shell Necklace punk!

Me: (HUH?)
#fashion #danny disco #jr high #sr high #bully
by thedzone October 11, 2009
A fashion necklace accessory often worn by douche bags in your fantasy league.
"Holy shit. Did he wear a puka shell necklace to the draft?"
#fantasydouche #shell necklace #douche accessory #puka #puka shell
by Wrangler Tag September 12, 2013
A Puka Shell Necklace is the same thing as a "pearl necklace", only in an undisturbed and now dried state.
"Yeah man, Jessica and I completely passed out after I gave her a pearl necklace. She woke up with a puka shell necklace on."
#pearl necklace #pookah shell #cum shot #sex act #jewelry
by Spargett June 13, 2009
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