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A music website containing news, reviews, a forum community, and more. The website concentrates on genres such as metal, hardcore, and generally hard music. A great place for getting the latest on your favorite bands.

WARNING: Contains many varieties of douchebag and metal elitist, mostly the latter. Be careful when stating your opinion here, as it will quickly be shot down.

In conclusion, it's a great place for news, a terrible place for community.

A typical day on The PRP...

"LATEST NEWS: (insert band name) set release date for their new album, which will be out next month.


NormalGuy123: Nice! I love this band. I can't wait for this to come out.

Douchebag456: wow normalguy is so dumb he actually likes this band??? lolololol wat a fag

Elitist789: normalguy123 should probably just kill himself right now. i mean, the possibility that someone's opinions could be different than mine is just absurd. listen to (insert black metal band here) instead. dumbass."
by PRP User August 19, 2011