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A secret society, similar (but not related to) the Freemasons. Founded by Richmond M M Swigberry-Smythe II Esq in 1915, this society spread rom a select few English nobility to several different cultures across the world. The Order is now non-denominational, and promotes open-mindedness, practise of the arts, and the wearing of ridiculous clothes. The Order is known for wearing fez (one well-known former member is the famous British magician/comedian Tommy Cooper), one of its most prestigious awards is the Glass Fez of Swigberry Smythe.
by Thelonius Groinberg September 16, 2003
Secret society founded in 1915. Known for practise of the arts, and dismal taste in clothes. The fez of the society came t being after its founder, Archduke Swigberry-Smythe II spent several years living in Arab countries, where this item of headwear s commonly seen. The society was last numbered as having 67 different fez. Each one is typically marked with the insignia of office within the order, and the Parakeet of Montague in the centre. For example, the head treasurer's fez is marked with a platypus sitting on a bar of gold. The fez of the founder Archduke Swigberry-Smythe was marked with a snake, a bubble pipe and a crown. His formal fez was also encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones, including a large Morrocan sapphire. (This fez and seversal other items of the Order can be seen in The Hall of Antiquities in The Order Museum, located in the former home of Swigberry-Smythe.)
by Thelonius Egbert Quagmire September 19, 2003
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