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Pretending to be your identical twin (if you have one) to have sex with his or her significant other.
I pulled the Old Switch-er-oo last night on your girlfriend, I didn't realize it was her first time, I tapped that sh*t. Hope you like seconds.
by Jizzle Rizzle January 20, 2003
1. The act of two couples switching partners in the midst of simultaneous sexual congress.

2. Successfully dumping your girlfriend in favour of her sister or roommate.
1. Jane and I were givin er when Jack offered Jill up and we did the old switch-er-oo.

2. Person 1: Yep, as soon as Susan moved in with Sarah, I knew I had to have her, so I gave Sarah the heave-ho and now Susan and I are bumping ugly.

Person 2: Holy shit! You pulled off the old switch-er-oo!
by dsfgjdsfgjsdgfds November 10, 2007
1. To switch your own functionally defunct object another's superficially similar but properly fuctioning object for personal gain.

2. Anything sorta similar to that.
I pulled the old switch-er-oo on my friend's NES with my broken one. It's not like he'd ever play it anyway.
by Darth Will Smith July 28, 2008
Japonese torture technique known as "Ranlofan". The testicles are removed from a criminals scrotum, and the eyes are removed from his head. The testicles are then placed in the eye sockets, and the eyes are sewn into his scrotum-- all while he is awake.
"In punishment for molesting midgets, I condemn you to the old switch-er-oo!"
by Anonymous January 20, 2003
When you're slammin it in a girl and then whip your dick out, stick it in her ass as fast as humanly possible, and keep going at the same speed as if nothing changed..
Yeah I was bangin Sarah so hard last night. I gave her the old switcheroo, and now she doesn't talk to me anymore.
by Poopy the Shoemister January 03, 2016

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