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–noun, singular; Similar to the bodyshot; The ballsack is stretched and pulled slightly downward to create a bowl-like enclosure. A shot is then poured into the temporary enclosure and consumed by a classy woman.
The Nutty Professor: "I threw a formal dinner party last night. Since I was the host of the party, it was common courtesy to give out Nutty Professor's to every female guest."
by Manafort Chubbz March 17, 2010
21 5
when one gets completly smashed and is hard-up for some pussy. he sees a female at the bar, all that matters is she has 4 working limbs and a mouth. you take her home and think shes skinny like Buddy Love. you then roll over the next morning to unveil that she has turned into Professor Klump.
After a long abstinent semester of college, Lance was hard-up for some butt. With the beer goggles on, he took home the first decent piece he found. He then woke up to discover he was a victim of The Nutty Professor
by Firestine 332 November 05, 2006
6 7
When one commits the act of jerking off his genitalia in a jar of crunchy peanutbutter and gets a nut stuck up in his ureathra.
I was rubin one out in the peanutbutter but then I had to call it quits cause the Nutty Professor walked in.
by Spider November 16, 2004
7 12