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The M.S.D.C is a dangerous cycle which leads to getting fat, crying, and hating the opposite sex in the future. There are 3 main stages and 2 minor periods. The Stages are Honeymoon stage, Rehab stage, and the Breakup stage. The two periods are the Pre-OMG period, and the Aftermath period.

* Periods and Stages in order
Pre-OMG period/ the period where everyone knows whats about too happen (someone asking the other person out). This period can last over 3 days long.

Honeymoon Stage/ the stage where the boy/girl hangs out with the boy/girl. In other words what REAL relationships act like, in real life. This period can last anything from two days to two weeks. This is when the couple usually kiss.

Rehab Stage/ or the WTF did I do! stage is when you realize I'm dating "insert name here", this happens usually when the dater gets annoyed by their partner. In this stage, gossip travels around and people realize and place bets when and where you'll break up. This stage is usually a week.

The Breakup Stage/ when you break up, it isn't pretty. It can be full of crying or just and "ok". This stage is less then 20 minutes.

Aftermath Period/ is when about a week later, you gain a pound and are back to normal. All the couple drama is over and life as you know it is quiet. Till you hear a rumor "insert name here" likes "insert name here" and the cycle starts over, again.

* The average Middle School Couple lasts around 2 weeks
"The Middle School Dating Cycle"

Bob: Jane likes Jim

Sarah: OMG! they Should go out!

( The Cycle.......3 weeks later)

Sarah: Jill likes Andrew

Bob: OMG! they Should go out!
by Luvguru1290 April 10, 2010
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