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In order to perform the mexican dong swiper, you'll need a blender, a live duck, and a toaster. First, have your girlfriend come over to your house and have the duck, blender and toaster all on the table. Hopefully she'll be suspicious. Take her into the bedroom, and fuck her brains out, tell her you want to get wine, then grab the duck, go back into the room, insert the duck into her vagina, then proceed to cum on the inserted duck, have her squirt her menstreul juices on the duck. The duck will be very scared by this point, take this duck out to the kitchen, put this duck with the juices on it, and put it into the blender, after frapeeing it for roughly 2 minutes, put this mixture on to a baking tray, turn the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit, bake for 22 minutes (set the timer), then cut this mixture into bars that you can bring to your next party. Enjoy this wonderous treat! After eating this mixture, it will produce a euphoric state and your dong will tingle, hence the name.
Jeff: Me and my girlfriend made some bars last night.
Jose: Really? What did they consist of?
Jeff: Look at it. Your eating The Mexican Dong Swipers right now.
Jose: Fuck you Jeff.
by IScissorkickLatinos May 18, 2010
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