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A tasteless, uncouth, loutish, mindless, randy, blokish, semi-literate bunch of Northern stag-doers in Eastern Europe.

Famed for ‘group ogling’ anything with female sex organs, loudly vocalising their lewd inner-thoughts across town squares and vomiting off The Charles Bridge in Prague.

Contains 6-12 male ‘adults’ between the ages of 16-42, usually including: Fat Stu (always throws pizza up all over himself, whilst talking drunken non-sense); Ash (confident, could talk his way out of a paper bag. Always guaranteed to get at least a blowy by the end of the night); Ant (has had a number of unsuccessful trials with non-league clubs. Now 24 years-old with dodgy knees - so it’s never going to happen - although you keep telling him it will); Ryan (absolute base pervert, will ‘do’ anything, always getting his c*ck out at inappropriate moments); Big Tone (broad accent, can’t understand a word he’s on about, drinks a lot of Guinness. Aged 42, twice divorced and looks weird being in a group of early twenty year olds and you don’t ask him what he ‘actually does’ when he keeps going to Thailand 6 times a year. Thinks he doesn’t look old, but does).
"The Lads from Leeds". Most 'Brits Abroad'. Anyone who has ever been to Tenegrief.
by Quelmo Rodriquez June 18, 2010