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The feeling when your smoking and your stomach gets really upset. Your head starts to hurt and you feel like your about to puke.
Oh man, I think he's got the hit.
by zalai September 11, 2010
The Hit is a band that is the most amzing and the best ever.

Consisting of Kade-vocals, Jorge-guitar, Mike-bass, Colin-guitar, Mark-drums
Gurl 1:"I love my 'The Hit' shrit."

Boy1:"I like my braclet more"
by MaDDLikkno1BussineZZZZ November 08, 2010
the HIT is what happens to you while taking a hit of doja and getting instantly high - most often seen in amazing bud being hit out of a bong.
I knew it in Matts face that he had just experienced the HIT when he looked at me after passing the bong.
by Benji Molina April 30, 2005
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