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During protected intercourse, the man starts to urinate inside his condom while in the doggy style position. As the condom starts filling up with pee, he pulls out and yells in his best German accent "Das Hindenburg!!" and proceeds to pee until the condom explodes all over his partners back.
Tim: "Did you pee your bed last night?"

BD: "No, I just did the Hindenburg"
by TheGeneral45 February 10, 2010
When some slut who is so bad at oral sex, you're forced to cry "Oh! The humanity!" as her teeth scrape your man tool.
that skanky ho, didn't know how to give head, she gave me The Hindenburg
by Mr. Gooch September 24, 2004
When your girls eyes are closed and her mouth is open, and your waiting to blow your load in her mouth. You turn around really quick and fart in her mouth.
Ok, ok, ok, I am going to come! (She closes her eyes and opens her mouth. All of a sudden she heres a bullfrog type of crook and taste something rotten.) You just gave her The Hindenburg
by Ben Geiger November 10, 2007
When you have a raging hard-on, and it spontaneously combusts
Have you ever heard of the Hindenber...HOLY SHIT!!! MY NUTS ARE ON FIRE!!!!!!!
by The_Phantom_Shitters February 08, 2005

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