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The white man's form of hello. Hasnt been used for quite some time ever since the dap, chake and african american handshakes came into place.
Next time you meet a stranger go in for the hand shake. 94% of the time it will end up as dap, chake, or possibly a hand shake then a pull-back ending with a dap.
by John Kellis Fernando February 27, 2007
the handshake is when a person is put in constraints in an asylum and is given a sedative in pill form. Then instead of ingesting the pill the person puts it under their tongue until their caretaker leaves so they can spit it out and continue to be crazy.

there are some guesses that this is the type of handshake referred to in MGMT's song the Handshake.
The crazy person thought he wouldnt get caught doing the handshake but the caretaker noticed the pile of pills collecting on his chest. Now he is given sedatives through a syringe.

"we got the handshake under our tongue" -mgmt
by theycallmefrank July 02, 2011
similar to the shocker, accept its 4 in the stink and 1 in the pink, almost like your giving the girls private area a hand shake.
john: dude did you give her the shocker?

mike: nahh dude i gave her the hand shake
by handshakeman July 10, 2011
A variation to the shocker or bowling ball. The shocker's slogan is, "Two in the pink, one in the stink". The handshake is, "Four in the pink, one in the stink". As the name implies the action resembles a handshake.
Brie was tired of getting a shocker. She thought she was big enough for the handshake. When Curtis gave it to her, she screamed.
by Traviss August 05, 2006

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