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1.)A man that uses girls for money and then never talks to them after he gets the money.

2.)seductive man who uses hes sex appeal to exploit women.

3.)The male version of a gold digger.
The Great Equalizer uses women for their money.
by The Great Equalizer February 07, 2006
A phrase used to describe when the other person gets laid on a regular basis or is generally considered to be good-looking. This serves as "the great equalizer" when other bad things happen in their life, and they shouldn't be able to complain about the other things as a result.
Nic: Dude, I just got a $350 speeding ticket and my dog died today. My life is so bad!

Jake: You know what, fuck you Nic! You get ass on a regular basis from random girls at the bar! You have no right to complain when you've got the great equalizer!
by Lawrence K. March 23, 2010
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