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Another term for a "butthole". First refrenced in South Park as the name of Oprah's rectum.
Dude, WTF is smells like a "Gary" in here.

Your pissing me off, I'm gonna kick you right in "The Gary"

The other day I was too busy porking my wife's "Gary" that I forgot to pay my rent.
by TheGaryMan January 01, 2013
when a girl drags her vagina across your face and leaves a slime trail
my was drenched after giving me The gary
via giphy
by Chad wensworth November 06, 2015
noun. crazy compulsive blanking
person X: heloooooooo
person Y: .
person X: u ayt?
person Y: .

(tumbleweed blows in the wind)

person X: dnt do "The Gary" on meeee!
by ash April 10, 2005
when somebody is very very fat
1)dude that guy is "the gary"

2)im not inviting him he is "the gary"

3)that guy is the biggest "the gary" i know!!
by that guy gfhj May 18, 2007
Ordering anything with sausage.
"Hey man, I don't know what to order. What are you getting?"

"I think I'm gonna do The Gary."

"That sounds good. I'll do The Gary as well."
by TMITCH August 11, 2014

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