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Established in 1998, The Editing Room, or TER for short, is a website maintained by Rod Hilton at Features original abridged scripts for a great and ever-expanding number of Hollywood blockbusters and crapfests. Hilton's scripts not only delight with their biting wit and merciless satire; they also provide the reader with the ability to discuss the latest Hollywood garbage without having to actually see the films being discussed. TER is occasionally featured in Total Film Magazine and
Guy: "Man, I can't believe how terrible The Happening was. M. Knight Shyamalan has really nuked the fridge."
Gal: "I didn't know you even saw that movie."
Guy: "I didn't have to! I just read the abridged script at The Editing Room."
by Cicero's Assassin July 19, 2008
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