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The Edge is the most dangerous guitarist of all time. Many fans and ex-fans have reported cases of acute Edgeophobia, wherein the subject is often times afraid to even leave his or her house for fear that The Edge is lingering closeby, wielding an "ax."
The Edge is a monster.
by Jesuit Willice April 13, 2006
a radio station in toronto that claims to play new and innovative music but, in actuality, plays commercialized ass crap.
"i was listening to the edge, but then they started playing sum 41 so i smashed my radio."
by radio whore November 09, 2003
to put your feet on someones face, like in one of U2's video where "The Edge" has people putting their feet on his face
"shut up or i'm gonna give you the edge"

"you betta do it nigga or i'll give you the edge in your sleep!"
by E.J.M. February 23, 2004
A deathmatch map in Quake2 (q2dm1). Probably the most commonly played and therefore, the map that everyone is the most uber 1337 at.
by Cabji November 07, 2003
Its when you are having sex with some girl and you stick one (or many) of your fingers in the girls butt getting a little bit of poo residue on your fingers. You then put your fingers in the girls mouth resulting in her tasting her own poo. This then gives you the mental edge over the girl for the entire relationship because you know that she has already eaten her own poo.
I once gained "the edge" and now she doesn't want to talk to me.
by nasty nate April 24, 2005
A guitarist that only knows 3 chords.
Shit man, you keep playing the same chords over and over again. Who do you think you are? The Edge?
by Mike Migson May 11, 2008
1. One of the most over rated crappy pop rock guitarists in the history of an kind.

2. A verbal insult used to describe horrible guitar work.

syn. -shit "Man, I gotta take a big ol' Edge."
"That guy's guitar playing is so shitty, it sounds like the edge"
by Morgan Estill December 06, 2006