Guitar player of one of the most overrated bands in the world, u2. Real name David Evans. He calls himself "The Edge" and even God doesn't know why. Gets loads of credit for stuff we've seen a long time ago done way better, probably because most diehard u2 fans are nazi's who don't know shit about music. Claims to be heavily influenced by Rory Gallagher but no one can hear it in his playing style. Doesn't really ever plays a real guitar solo or does something special. Is 'known' for having a minimalist style and sound and yet has one of the biggest effects loops and amplifier collection on stage in the biz. Also gets credit for the way he uses harmonics in songs, which is nothing really special and something Van Halen did way way better and with more taste before u2 even existed. Basicly, a really boring player who has gotten, along with the rest of the band he's in, way too much credit over the years.
Man, i can't believe that guy that calls himself The Edge gets so much respect. There are so many players out there that did way more interesting, innovating and groundbreaking things than this guy. Saul Hudson, Jimmy Page, Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix..... do i need to continue? The only thing he deserves is the price for "most overrated player".
#david evans #the edge #u2 #overrated #shitty #guitar player #guitar #shitty guitar player
by dickkwikkwek January 04, 2007
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