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Nickname for entreprenuer Donald Trump; As used on NBC's "The Apprentice"
Well, looks like The Donald has fired someone again tonight.
by Chad "1m" Mosher June 11, 2004
The part of your brain, located in your penis, that controls all high-level functioning.
"You definitely have a shot with Hanna, tonight."

"Eh. Not really my type."

"Dude! It's right THERE."

"I'll leave it up to The Donald."
by The Lover Victor Pooge April 01, 2010
A sexual act in which the girl is on her knees, giving someone a bj, but right before he comes, he pulls out and finishes off in his hand. Then, he takes that hand and spreads it through the girls hair, giving her a comb-over (much like the hair-do Donald trump so handsomely sports). Then, with the left over cum, he slaps her across the face and says "YOU'RE FIRED!" and breaks up with her right then and there.

Or, for the ladies out there, do the same exact thing after giving him a hand job.
Man, I totally gave my girlfriend the Donald last night! Or should I say ex-girlfriend. She was so pissed!
by janeec May 03, 2008
When titty fucking a girl with uneven breasts you wedge your dick against the small one and wrap the larger breast over your dick like a comb over.
Bro- Dude, I wonder what it would be like to titty fuck Susan the girl that lost her boob to cancer....
Dude- Bro, You'd have to give her "The Donald". You wedge your dick against the small one and wrap the larger breast over your dick like a comb over.
by Kevy-D August 17, 2011
The Donald: When your asshole hair gets really long and you don't wipe your ass for a month when shitting, and you make an ugly fat bitch lick it right before an orgasm
Guy: Did you just do The Donald?

Bitch: I braided your ass hair with my tounge
by Putko June 10, 2008
To take a crap on some ones head while performing the 69 position.
Rebecca Did the donald to me!
by Papa Jay April 14, 2005
The Donald is the most descriptive word able to be used from feeling intense pain and saying, Ouch man that shit is the Donald! Or by having a good time at a party and saying "Yo man that shit was the Mutha Fuckin' Donald!"
"That bitch fucked the Donald out of me!"
by Scott Mack and Mike Harvey May 17, 2007
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