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(v.) – an act of daring intimacy. (1) Pursuant to heavy petting our lady, of her own volition, anoints her mammarian protuberances with copious amounts of water-soluble petroleum jelly. Upon removing her gentleman’s codpiece she titty-fucks the hell out of him until the ebb and flow of pearly treasures doth mar her ample bosom. Now post haste, in an ecstatic moment of grace freely given, ladyluck sponges the jus d’amour with her long and bountiful mane, baring cheeks red with rosy dawn. Then grace, not having satisfied her thirst, the Magdalene lap’s love excess from her soiled locks with a rueful smile.
(2) after giving your lady friend the titty bang-bang (with tits nice and lubed), she uses her own hair to wipe up jizz necklace and then licks it out of her hair.
After a night unrestrained consumption, Jack finally persuades Jill to perform the dirty Magdalene.
by Bonny and Clyde September 07, 2007
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