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when you're SO drunk that you pass out, throw up and generally get yourself into a mess. This is called going to the crunch. The crunch is the imaginary place where all this stuff happens.
dude, clare was so wasted last night, she got a one way tiket to the crunch
by wastedcrunch May 17, 2007
24 17
The crunch is that point when your really high and you feel as if your in another universe. There are 4 points of the crunch, the beginning of the crunch is when you feel as if your there, but you still have some sense of awareness, the crunch is just straight up amazing, but the edge of the crunch is when you start to trip out, and once you fall off of the crunch, your completely fucked.
"oh my word! the frenchman is definitely at the crunch right now"
by ze tickler August 29, 2011
3 1
The need for a morning Dump;
The inability to shit, even when the need is
"christ that first coffee has given me the crunch"
"I am captain of the good ship crunch right now, if only those pills would wear out so I can destroy the toilet already"
by towek September 13, 2009
3 10