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When your penis gets lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. The process is to get head from your girlfriend then stick it in her pussy, then her ass and complete the round trip back to her mouth. The theory is once your in the triangle you could end up cumming anywhere.
John: My dick was lost in the Bermuda Triangle last night. She made it disappear at all times.
Paul: She's well filthy, I wish my girlfriend would visit the Bermuda Triangle.
#bermuda #triangle #sex #head #anal
by Pherodine November 26, 2014
Similar to 696, the Bermuda Triangle is a position in which three people perform fellatio-thus making a triangle. But unlike the 696 the performers would not try it on their sides.
Eric was so happy to perform The Bermuda Triangle on his friends. It was a good day for him.
#696 #bermuda #square #triangle #book
by HarryCherry November 13, 2009
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