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To have sex with a lover while using a crucifix, trinity cross, or incense stick.

Could be called The Dirty Nun, or Priest. It depends who uses the item.
Hannagan was surprised at the pleasure she endured when performing The Dirty Priest.
by HarryCherry November 13, 2009
To perform the 69 position on a person while driving a 18-wheeled truck.
Jennifer was best known for waiting around bus stop and performing The Dirty Trucker, she was the best at it.
by HarryCherry November 13, 2009
Similar to 696, the Bermuda Triangle is a position in which three people perform fellatio-thus making a triangle. But unlike the 696 the performers would not try it on their sides.
Eric was so happy to perform The Bermuda Triangle on his friends. It was a good day for him.
by HarryCherry November 13, 2009

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