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An extremely violent and belligerent, alcoholic comulsive sex addict who a resident of the English town Sutton in Surrey; alias Slutton.
The Beast of Slutton is often seen in and around Sutton town centre frequenting various night clubs, car parks and public lavatories and is also seen from time to time in and around Croydon in South London, where she is known to be a frequenter of a heavy metal goth bar.
This woman can be easily recognised by the fact that she is usually absurdly dressed in a strange combination gothic and fettish clothing, usually consisting of leather boots and bare corsette and a black and green netted frill resembling some form of ludicrous tutu and is often seen carrying a whip.
This woman is further distinguishable by her apparent brazen willingness to committ acts of indescent exposure by exhibiting her bodily functions in public and without the slightest encouragement from anyone else.
Eye witness reports testify that this woman although deceptively calm when sober, is in actual fact an extremely dangerous, violent and sexually depraved dipsomaniac and has often been observed performing acts of blatant sexual exposure and direct sexual assault on complete strangers of both sexes at random. Furthermore this woman is known to have stalked some people and apparently often attempts to follow men home in the hope of some form of sexual gratification. Indeed it is said that she has often showed up alone on peoples front door steps in the early hours of the morning, demanding to be let in and pelting their windows with stones, whilst shouting obscene insults in burbling drunken stupor.
People who have seen her describe her as white, in her late twenties, short, slightly overweight and porsine and say that she is likely to be carrying sexually transmitted diseases.
by Apollonian June 12, 2007
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