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The new age of combover where males who are balding attempt to cover up this fact by using any remaing hairs to create a faux hawk.
Dude look at that guy with The Bald Eagle.
Lame, he should srsly invest in a hat.
by danton2015 April 21, 2011
when a chick is speard-eagle wid a non-existant bush.
1..(shaved bush = BALD) + (speard eagle) - spread..
OR speadeagle that has been balled
1.. she had a nice bald eagle when i was there last i just balled that eagle
The act of shaving your partner's hair during sex and shoving it up the rectum and shitting it out.
Me and my girlfriend were doing the bald eagle and it was great, but now my ass itches
by Jonjohanjenkenheimershmidt October 23, 2015
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