The worst show on television. A show of no value and one that propogates the ridiclousness of "reality" tv
Jersey Shore is the new "The Bachelor" of reality TV.
by Godballer January 04, 2011
Top Definition
A reality show on ABC that puts 25 desperate and lonely Bachelorettes in competition with each other over a lonely, desperate Bachelor they don’t even know in the hopes that he will propose at the end of the season. These women are subdued by his looks, success,his charm, and his money, and mistakingly believe they are in love with him when they don’t even know him from Adam. Each week the Bachelorettes are given some time to be alone with the Bachelor, sometimes to the point of having sex with him, in the hopes he will be more likely to choose them. One crazy woman even gave the Bachelor on the last season her underwear upon meeting him for the first time, proving her overhwhelming lonliness and desperation (he eliminated her right away). At the end of each episode, the Bachelor gives a rose to the girls he wants to continue to the next round. In the closing weeks of the season the Bachelor travels to the ladies’ hometown to see her family and takes a weekend trip with her (probably having sex with her). In the last epsiode the Bachelor is seen searching for a ring for the lady he has chosen, and in the final moments finally chooses between two Bachelorettes left as to which lady he wants to be with.
The Bachelor makes me so sick that an STD test is necessary after watching it.
by krock1dk April 27, 2008
In Texas Hold'em - Having The cards J/K off suits ( NOT of the same suit). When you say it together "JacKing Off" - What a bachelor does
"The Bachelor held strong, I got lucky and flopped the broadway"
by !!Mr_Pink777 September 15, 2005
A Stupid Reality Show, Just Takes Female Stupidity To A Whole New Level. Bimbos, The Lot Of Them :D.
The Bachelor makes me so sick that an STD test is necessary after watching it.
by NoNameDefintion January 11, 2011
The act of holding the bottom of your shirt in your mouth while you cum on your stomach/happy trail after masturbating. The purpose is to make sure the semen does not get on your clothes.
I was wearing my favorite Houston Rockets t-shirt last night, so I performed The Bachelor while I jacked it.
by Ryan McQ April 15, 2008
Romantic fantasy porn for women
Always one of the top 10 shows that boyfriends/husbands do not want to watch, talk about, hear about, or think about.
If your boyfriend watches it with you, he's actually your girlfriend
"Bae!! Are you coming over to watch The Bachelor again this week?? I have 3 bottles of wine for the two of us!!"
"Staaaaaawp, is that even a question!??!!?"
by Marg Ana July 26, 2016
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