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What someone would say to insinuate that it was their style, or that it was the way they usually do things.
Yo man so did you already hit it or what?

Yeah, you know that's how I roll.
#that's how i do #that's what it be like #that's how i do it #that's what i do #that's how it go
by Jessicka. July 05, 2006
That is how I like to do things.
I know I'm always wearing a bathrobe but that's how I roll.
#that's how i roll #that's how i like to roll #that's just how i roll #that is how i roll #that is just how i roll
by Jeremy Y July 05, 2006
Your style. The way you act. Your actions.
Someone says, "man thanks for letting me hold down some loot" "you say hey thats how I roll."
by Steve Winkler January 26, 2005
Whenever you give a reason to an answer.
Jane: Can I have some chips?
Johnny: No!
Jane: Why?
Johhny: Cause thats how I roll
#reason #because #i said so #its the way i am #thats it
by cadbury1987 May 17, 2007
popularized by Jack Black in his "Anchorman" cameo after he punts Baxter off the bridge.
it means "that's how I do things, if you don't like it, too bad. I am an independent person and I scoff at your preconceived notions of society."
Ron Burgundy: "wait, what are you doing?!"
(Jack Black punts Baxter, Ron's dog, off the bridge)
Jack: "That's how I roll"
#that's how i roll #jack black #anchorman #will ferrell #movies
by he of movie trivia knowledge July 23, 2008
A phrase one uses when someone attempts to insult them, but they turn it around into a joke.
Johnny: Pssh, nice try-hard gangsta pants.
Dave: Thanks man, coz try-hard gangsta pants are just how i roll. *hi5*
Johnny: *rejects hi5* Your a nerd
Dave: Yeah, but thats how i roll.
Johnny: *rolls eyes and walks off*

Jess: Sarah, your such a skank, hitting on teachers is the most disgusting thing out.
Sarah: Well thats how i roll.
#thats just how i roll #thats how i do it #thats how i go #thats what i like #thats what i do
by Sex, drugs & dora-the-explorer September 01, 2008
A phrase used to defer responsibility, akin to "it is what it is". Usually used when someone's behavior is questioned, or when someone wants to brag about something they are subconciously not proud of.
Q: "So you tapped his girlfriend, and then when he found out...YOU kicked HIS ass!?!??"

A: "Fool shoulda known....That's how I roll."
#irresponsible #stupid #shallow #player #childish #brainless
by Kurt Erdman July 18, 2008
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