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That's the good stuff.
That's it.
That's the ticket.
That's dope.
Could also be used sarcastically.
Azoff could also be used by itself to mean cool, sick, dope, ill, rad etc.
derived from:
That's the Golden Ticket->That's the Ticket->That's the Ticketmaster->That's the CEO of Ticketmaster->That's the Azoff (the CEO of Ticketmaster)
You may say "That's the Irving Azoff" when something REALLY good happens.
Commonly used in the OC.
-DUDE! This granola bar gave me superhuman powers!
-That's the Azoff.
*boy walks up to his locker and sees that it's been smeared with dog poo* That's the Azoff.

by spbaby March 09, 2009

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