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1) - Another Urban Dictionary phrase that that covers a lot of meanings defined by its usage.

2) - An observation of realization toward an observed event by an observer, observing an event.

3) - When something you watch someone do that makes you just grimace in sheer shock and/or dismay and makes you think that person did something stupid or is stupid.
1) - You unknowingly hit on your bosses' wife at the company party .... THAT'S GONNA LEAVE A MARK.

2) - You are live on a special Jerry Springer and you think you are there because you're told that your girl wants a threesome, and you are all excited about it! ... only to find out that she is with HER girlfriend and is dumping YOU on national TV cuz you have a 2 inch pecker!

... That's Gonna Leave A Mark!

You are with your mom, playing dominoes, helping to entertain her friends - cuz you told her as part of your New Years resolution you'd spend more time with her. They all say how sweet it is! And ... she starts the game off by telling everyone the story how you pissed your bed til you were 16 1/2 and sometimes you shit yourself when you get suddenly scared ... ... still to this day! THAT's gonna leave a mark! (NO PUN INTENDED)

You show up at your court date ... stoned off your ass ... THAT'S gonna leave a mark!

You FINALLY! get that date - you know - with the ever so pop girl ...Shelby OnErBak- in your sophomore year - you are about to get a home run and you not only can't get it up ... but it shrinks! THAT'S gonna leave a mark!

You make A FRICKIN' LOT of money at your work and your boss really enjoys suddenly scaring the shit out of you in meetings now and then to get back at you for hitting on his wife at the company party. THAT'S gonna leave a mark! (Pun Intended)

When you find out that the girlfriend of your girl that dumped you on Jerry Spinger on National TV, is your bosses wife from the company party! DOH!

- Or ... You get a bad wound/injury like from a knife or a bitch slap (both fig. and lit.) LMAO!

When Joe got hit by traffic when he was crossing the street in the movie "Meet Joe Black" and you yell, "SHIT! That's gonna to leave a mark!"

What you nonchalauntly say when you see a skateboarders broken cheek bone suddenly shoot thru his flesh after a bad crash ... "Well ... that's gonna leave a mark"

MOST OF ALL ... is when you think you are being as funny as hell, and your word gets denied by the editors of Urban Dictionary.
by LayItOnYou March 23, 2007
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