The girl that means something to you, the girl you talk to your boys about
Black Eyed Peas "Don't Phunk with my Heart" - you're dat-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat girl...
by John3005 August 15, 2005
"Molly" aka Pure MDMA
Person one,"Hey man you got any of That Girl?"
person two,"Yeah man its 20 a tenth"
by erowidMYlife March 04, 2009
Girls who don't understand that their relationship is over.
-"Paloma is so THAT GIRL."

-"Oh, I know. She thinks her and her EX boyfriend are still dating. If that girl only knew that he's moved on to better and less psychotic!"

-"she's on the gay noodle."
by hella bosss January 12, 2007
Everything that every girl should be !! (,i.e: Diamonds, Diasies, Snowflakes, chestnuts, rainbows, Spring time, sable, popcorn, white wine, gingham, Broadway,
She is such a wonderful and sweet and nice girl....I want to be JUST like "That Girl !!" (Just like Marlo Thomas in the 70's series called "That Girl"
by AnnMarie May 20, 2005
The girl who will sleep with two or more guys in a circle of friends in hopes that she will become one of their girlfriends. What she fails to realize is that they all talk about her behind her back, and would never date her. Why? Because they have no respect for her due to the fact that she can't seem to control the clamp on her legs.

"That Girl" is normally the slut of the group, but still thinks she is awesome and well liked. She thinks it is O.K. for her to sleep with these guys because they all have known each other so long and can trust them. When in reality, they swap stories and laugh.
"I would, but she's that girl and I don't want to put it where he put it."
by luckyfruit September 20, 2009
The sexy girl you are just fucking - the booty call.
My girlfriend is being a bitch... I am going to call 'that girl'
by Jennifer2005 August 15, 2005
some chick that shows up one night with a friend that acts like a complete bitch to your friend aj cause she got but fucked and didnt like it. typicly chawain or hawasian and just ends up with the name like "hey you with the face"
jen,jessica,chawain,hawasian,fredonia, that girl
by stfnoob December 19, 2008

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