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The most amazing girl you will ever meet in your life. She is both beautiful and smart. She has the crazy laugh but everyone seems to find it cute and contagious, leading to long nights laughing at anything. She has many unique qualities and has odd ways of showing her affection. Thamara likes to tease people and joke around but it is only because she loves you. She is misunderstood by many though once you get to know her she really a kind girl. She loves to hang out and have a good time. Thamara knows how to have fun and her friends love being around her. Thamara is outgoing and adventurous, sweet and loving. Thamara is a girl who does not fall in love easily, so if you ever happen to come across a Thamara who is into you, don't ever let her go, she is worth the world. When a Thamara crushes on a boy, she really likes him, and is constantly thinking about him and talking about him to her friends. Thamara is hardly a shy girl, but when she is around the guy that she loves she can be extremely awkward. Once she gets used to you, she will be a normal crazy self, and it is always fun! Being with a Thamara is the best thing that can happen to anyone, so if you know a Thamara, keep her close!
"Who is she?"
"That's Thamara"
"She so fine"
"I know, she's my girl"
by Gary Wilkins March 09, 2013
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