use instead of testicle, can also be used instead of an offense such as idiot etc.
1)That guy was such a tezzer
2)My right tezzer is killing from rugby last night
by PuNkSnOtDeAdCaZt07 October 11, 2007
Top Definition
"Tezzers": a way of describing excellence, or comedic value.

Derived from "Terry's", as in "Terry's All Gold" - a brand of chocolates, in particular reference to the word "Gold", meaning excellence, quality, greatness, and so on.
"Man, did you see Lee Evans the other night? Total tezzers mate!"

Or, sarcastically: "Dude, can you believe that guy cracked lame jokes all night long?"
"Yeah. Talk about 'tezzers'"
by TheAbsolutePeach March 17, 2009
A descriptive word for the testicular area. Often used when explaining how far one may have gone with a potential male 'special' friend. Alternatively, to decribe the act of teabagging.
Did you grab a feel of his tezzers?
Did you dip your tezzers in?
by Jaymond January 27, 2005
Usually of the male gender – although female one have been know to exist. Mono-brows with sloping foreheads – they have third of the average intelligence of a normally functioning person. This is easily demonstrated, as they are only able to remember three letter names – Baz, Daz, Woz, Foz, Cuz, Muz. Their natural habitat is Halfords carp parks of 24hour McDonalds. Where they congregate in large groups – crammed into small cars and proceed to try and deafen each other with loud ‘one tempo’ music. Can often be found breeding in the back of a Nova of Escort with “Body Kit”. These sort of activities often end in pregnancy ruining there young lives forever – but providing amusement for those of us with ability to sign our names without using an X.

They will quickly move into a council tenancy and begin a tempestuous, abusive and loveless relationship – she will continue to give birth to children al the rate of one per year – the farther of theses children is never the same man.

Mouth Breathers
Klassy Lassy
Non-needed – we all know what they look like!
by Andy The Great July 21, 2003
balls, bollocks, nuts etc basically meaning testicle.
A random guy came up to me and kicked me in my tezzers
by Callum Talbot October 03, 2007
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