Noun: A woman so into her texting that she doesn't see objects like fountains in front of her.
This is a hilarious video of a textress falling into a fountain at the Berkshire Mall!!

Mary: Did you see that textress fall in the fountain at the Mall? And she works there!

Me: I doubt that fountain was installed since the last time she walked through there.
by T. Pro January 21, 2011
Top Definition
Dirty texting someone other than your significant other/spouse.
"My textress and I have been secretly dirty texting each other for months now."
by AbsoluteAng January 07, 2009
someone who uses trickery or bait in order to transform a non texter into one who sends text messages.
After Paul met Mary, he went from being a non texter to a texter. Mary is such a textress.
by thedudeabides20000 February 22, 2009
A text-mistress. A woman aiding a man (or woman) in the act of cheating on his wife or girlfriend strictly through text messaging.
I searched his phone and discovered that he has a textress, whom he texts every night!
by Willyom May 25, 2012
Someone who acts dramatic over text message. An actress of texting.
Sarah,"I can't even HANDLE the fact that he called her bae, OMG!!! my life is over." Ann, "quit being such a textress Sarah!"
by dysartlavender April 08, 2015
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