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someone who uses trickery or bait in order to transform a non texter into one who sends text messages.
After Paul met Mary, he went from being a non texter to a texter. Mary is such a textress.
by thedudeabides20000 February 22, 2009
Dirty texting someone other than your significant other/spouse.
"My textress and I have been secretly dirty texting each other for months now."
by AbsoluteAng January 07, 2009
A text-mistress. A woman aiding a man (or woman) in the act of cheating on his wife or girlfriend strictly through text messaging.
I searched his phone and discovered that he has a textress, whom he texts every night!
by Willyom May 25, 2012
Noun: A woman so into her texting that she doesn't see objects like fountains in front of her.
This is a hilarious video of a textress falling into a fountain at the Berkshire Mall!!

Mary: Did you see that textress fall in the fountain at the Mall? And she works there!

Me: I doubt that fountain was installed since the last time she walked through there.
by T. Pro January 21, 2011