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Where a group of people (usually girls) stay up all night texting each other like how people stay up all night and talk like at a sleepover.
Me and Anne had a textover last night, it felt like she was really there next to me.
#txtovr #sleepover #text #over #coffee
by Emily Doe <3 January 11, 2011
The feeling of anxiety, regret, and panic after realizing you shouldn't have texted someone. This usually occurs on half price wine nights.
Oh, man, I just texted that dude from last night. I feel a killer textover coming on!
#text over #text regret #textiety #hangover #text
by Sueszy December 22, 2010
That annoying situation when one or both people in a text conversation are using smart phones and text each other so rapidly to get their points across it appears they are talking over each other. In regular conversation, said texter(s) or would be known as that rude person who always interrupts you.
itexter: hey do you want to go to dinner?
avgjoe: typing...(i would love to-)
itexter: we can go to that sushi place
avgjoe: dismisses message, keeps typing (...but i have-)
itexter: i know you said you wasted to last week
itexter: hahaha *wanted
avgjoe: I CANT!!

avgjoe: I hate when you text over me!!
#interrupt #texterrupt #talk over #cut off #textover
by lovetotext March 07, 2012
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