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Texto is a typo but while making the text for a text message.
Sydney: Dakdota is such an idiot
Kaylin: RE: Don't you mean Dakota? That's such a texto.
by Harpo Hugho Hageman November 05, 2006
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A texto (or text-o) is a typo that occurs on a text message. Usually results by pushing down a key too slow or too fast.
"C u lbter?" is "C u later" with a texto.
by ArianeIsAwesome March 15, 2009
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A texto (n) is the phenomenon of sending an incoherent text message as the result of your phone predicting the wrong word in predictive text mode.
- That's almost as home as your mum
- Was that a bit of a texto? Did you mean as good as your mum?
by TeeJ&Hen April 17, 2010
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