When someone is texting on there cell phone and puts in the wrong letters in the wrong spots and or can not find a letter at all.
So i sent her( i think your a hot girl)
and i ended up sending her (i think your a ho girl), damn im textlexic.
by Mike Etnies Wolfe February 09, 2009
adjective & noun • a person, or the act of being, inflicted with textlexia, the disorder characterized mainly by the reversal of letters in an acronym or the inappropriate substitution of characters in an emoticon. Often is the result of fast or drunk texting. Can also occur while driving and text messaging.
Example 1: "2day my mom said my BFF was hot. WFT?"
"I meant WTF. I'm so textlexic sometimes"

Example 2: "I so sorry 2 txt dump U but if I call U i will cry and start cutting myself again :)"
"... I mean :( not :). stupid textlexia"
by RedSpade October 08, 2009
Someone who constantly misspells words while texting.
I can never understand her texts, she must be textlexic.
by shamrock2157 September 04, 2013
When one has a problem texting and has more errors than average. You will most likely not be able to read half this persons texts because they will write things like "Hats pup" and such.
"Dude Justin is so Textlexic I can not even read half his texts! It is redick!"
by jasd48etio April 19, 2009

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