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When you misunderstand a point someone is trying to convey through an all text medium (cell phones, internet chatting, etc.) because you are unable to see their body language, or hear the fluctuations in the tone of their voice.
I messaged her saying I was going to kill her, but my sarcasm was lost in textlation. Now I have been arrested for threatening her life.
by Sheski April 18, 2010
It is the way someone interprets what you text them in a totally different way then what you meant ...
I am not being rude, it must have gotten lost in textlation. Just call me.
by Ms4lfclvr December 12, 2013
When someone receives a text and twists the message into something different than what the sender was intending. Too many text creates a convoluted message. Clear communication is not happening and both texters become frustrated/mad or an array of other emotions.
Ranging from sending a text and not receiving a reply soon enough or attempting to have a conversation through a chain of texts. This is when one can get Lost in Textlation.
by OlympicDynamo September 06, 2010
(1) The process of understanding a text message sent from one person to another.
(2) Drawing one's own conclusion of a conversation sent by text
From Husband to Wife : "based on my textlation of this messagetext, I really couldn't tell you were mad at me."
by KMartin September 11, 2013
That feeling, emotion, or meaning that is lost as one is trying to express themselves through a text message. Similar to a conversation being lost in translation.
"I was trying to explain myself to my girlfriend, but my meaning got lost in textlation."
by Jartmiller August 19, 2009
The interpretation of, or translation of the meaning in, a text message.
I sent her a response but the sarcasm was lost in textlation.
by osmr September 23, 2008
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