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Textjecking is where a group of girls from your school text each other the night before the next day and choose what thhey are all going to wear the next day so they all have basically the same outfit. But while they do this they put their phone on vibrate then shove it up their vagtastic voyage and wait for their friend to text back. Then they take it out text back then put it back in. Then REPEAT.
Girl 1: Hey what do you think we sould wear tomorrow?
(shoves it up her vag)

girl 2:(takes it out of her vag)I was thinking leggings with a pink thong and holister shirt. (put its it back in her vag)

girl 1: (takes it out of her vag again) that sounds sexy. i think that wud be cool. omg im soooooo textjecking right now lol. (once again shoves it up her vag)

Girl 2: (takes it out of her vag)ohkay then thats wat we're gonna wear then.
omg so am i just cummed lol. (puts it back in for more)

by Russell Harmon February 14, 2009
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